IT support made easy

easyIThelp is a London based company specialised in providing IT support, consultancy and services to SMBs.

We are specialised in cutting operational costs and in IT governance. Our personnel is ITIL qualified and have an average of 20 years experience supporting SMBs.

At easyIThelp we understand how complex and confusing your IT systems could be and for that reason we work hard to make them easy for you.

Value to your business

easyIThelp has a proactive attitude to support. Our compromise to you is to look after all your IT needs. For this reason we are constantly analysing new technologies and asking ourselves; how can we use it to help our clients.

Our support not only includes technical but also strategical advice:

  • Are you planning to implement changes in your organisation but do not know how your IT infrastructure will be affected?
  • Planning to change from Windows 7 to 8 but not sure what do do?

easyIThelp can assist you, and because we are independent, we guarantee that you will always receive honest advice and support.

Fit for pruposes

At easyIT help we understand how different each business is. Why should your IT support be standardised? easyIThelp considers each client unique, using the right technology for each one.

Our objective is to be part of your organisation for that reason .

Please contact us today and we will start helping you, easy!